SciCV is an SNSF pilot project. 

When applying for funding at the SNSF for the first time, users enter a mySNF User Agreement with the SNSF. The terms and conditions of that user agreement also extend to SciCV. 

All data collected during the SciCV pilot project is treated confidentially. The SNSF is controller of the data file in accordance with the Federal Act on Data Protection (RS 235.1). The data provided will only be used for the defined purpose.  

The SNSF delegates the technical treatment, storage and processing of all SciCV data to Panache AG, Thunstrasse 20, CH–3005 Bern. This delegation complies with all the rules regarding data protection and data security. 

The results of the SciCV pilot project will be analysed later this year (2020) in collaboration with the Centre for Science and Technology Studies at the University of Leiden, the Netherlands. Collaborators of the University of Leiden who have access to the data are subject to confidentiality and privacy regulations. Findings resulting from these analyses may be published; however, any such publications will be fully anonymised such that no conclusions can be drawn about individuals. Applicants are informed about the transfer of their data to the University of Leiden and have the right to oppose to this transfer.