1. Is the use of the SciCV platform required?
    • Yes, the SCiCV platform has to be used to create your SciCV in the correct format for the
      project funding call in biology and medicine in this year’s first call for proposals (submission
      deadline 1 April 2020). You cannot use other programs to create your SciCV.
  2. Do all applicants need to have a SciCV?
    • Yes, all applicants (corresponding- and further applicants) need to submit their CV in the new
      format. This concerns all projects, including applications that are submitted under a Lead
      Agency agreement and are evaluated by the SNSF (e.g. Lead Agency with France [ANR],
      Belgium [FNRS, FWO], and the Czech Republic [GACR]).


  1. Will my SciCV be sent to the SNSF automatically?
    • No, you will have to first download your SciCV as a PDF to your computer and then manually upload the file in mySNF in the data container “CV and research output list” (see image below).


  1. What if I do not have an ORCID account?
    • If you do not yet have an ORCID account, you do need to create one in order to be able to access the SciCV platform and author your SciCV. You are not allowed to sign in to SciCV with someone else’s ORCID credentials.
  2. How much data do I have to share on ORCID in order to be able to log in to the SciCV platform?
    • The minimum requirement to open an ORCID account and sign into the SciCV platform is your name. You do not have to provide any other information in ORCID, if you do not wish to do so. However, the more information you have provided in your ORCID account (e.g. publications, education, affiliations, etc.), the more fields you can auto-populate in your SciCV.
  3. Why do I need an ORCID account?
    • ORCID can save a lot of time – data entered once can be reused often – and ensures that the information in your record has been validated by your organizations. Having your own ORCID iD ensures that you are correctly identified and it reliably connects you with your works, awards, and affiliations.
  4. Do I have to change my ORCID privacy settings in order to log in to the SciCV platform and auto-populate my SciCV form?
    • In ORCID you can decide with whom to share your data – “everyone”, “no one”, or “trusted organizations”. To be able to log in to SciCV and auto-populate its data fields, you have to make sure your ORCID visibility settings are set to “everyone”.


  5. Can I fill out SciCVs for other applicants?
    • No, SciCVs have to be created by each individual applicant with their own ORCID iD.

Evaluation of your SciCV

  1. Which criteria will be applied to the evaluation of the SciCV?
  2. The SciCV of each applicant is used to assess the following criteria:
    • eligibility of the applicant for project funding,
    • scientific qualifications of the applicant, based on past achievements,
    • ability of the applicant to conduct original research of high scientific quality and impact under his/her own responsibility.